The new message center

Fast communication with customers has become immensely important for the success of business. Quick responses to customer queries very often decide who makes the deal.

A chat for fast and interactive communication is mentioned as the most important tool, along with optimal mobile presentation.

That is why has been working intensively on the development of this tool over the last few months and has now added this chat function!

You can access your messages either via the menu item “Message center”, via the speech bubble in the header or directly via the respective ad.

When you receive a new message, a red dot appears next to the speech bubble.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Write privately and directly

    With the new message center, you write and answer inquiries directly on

  • Communication at a glance

    Your messages and answers are saved as chat.

  • Fast and straightforward

    Communication between the seller and the interested party is quick and intuitive with the message center.

  • Security and privacy

    Secure communication in compliance with all data protection guidelines is possible with the message center.