Positive evaluations from users increase the trust in you as a merchant!

That´s why we’ve put the Google My Business ratings online for all Plus and Gold merchants. Now your individual ratings appear automatically next to the used machine offers and help you to increase your sales rates and increase your reach.

Because a merchant who can already refer to a number of reviews will demonstrably lead to increased trust even with new prospective customers, which will increase the willingness to buy.

Important: If you do not want your ratings to appear on Landwirt.com, you can deactivate this function at any time under the menu item “Service”. 

For these reasons, you should use the “Ratings” function:

  • they increase confidence in the trader
  • they are more likely to tempt you to buy
  • they lead to a higher awareness of the trader
  • Merchants are even easier to find
  • It is a visible distinction to merchants without Plus package

Use the new function as an additional confidence booster!

We wish you every success in selling your used machines.

You don’t have Premium Plus or Gold access yet?

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