Phishing Mail – What is it?

It all starts with an email that looks like a message from However, we would never ask you to enter your password!

Internet scammers, however, direct users to a deceptively genuine replica of the website and ask for your username and password. These data are entered in good faith by some users. Caution!

The e-mails are almost always written in broken German. Clicking on the given link will leads to a fake page.

There is in the link text, but it is a replicated website from another provider.

Here is the sample message from a scammer:

Welcome to our website!
The registration at is about to expire.
To continue using, please click the link below to confirm your account:
In addition, every new registration without a customer number is checked by phone. You will be called witthin the next few days and manually activated. Therefore, please be patient for a few days until your full registration is complete.
Subscribers who have already entered their customer number during registration are immediately activated and do not receive a call!
ATTENTION: Subscribers of the “Landwirt” have 12 free classifiedads available and can immediately place ads after confirming the link above.
Thank you very much!
Your Landwirt team

If careless users click on this link, the user name and password will be queried and read out by the scammers. With these data, the crooks can then actively log in to

Tractors or other agricultural machinery from seemingly reputable suppliers are offered on the website. In most cases, only the provider’s inquiry e-mail address is changed. Sometimes the name of the provider is also simply changed. Unfortunately, the used machine dealer accesses were already several times in the visor of the cheaters.

Some traders have clicked the link and inadvertently played their credentials into the hands of the crooks. Of course, these immediately recorded machines under different dealer accesses. Due to the high visitor numbers of, there are always interested parties for so-called “bargains”. We urge caution!

You can find all tips about Internet fraud on (in german)!