The eye-catcher: Highlight offers as a Preishammer or Top machine

With a “Preishammer” you can skillfully stage machines of your choice on You decide whether you want to highlight the machine in colour, or to offer it at a reduced price. The highlighting with simultaneous pre-ranking is active for ten days. This option is only available for Premium Plus merchants and Premium Gold merchants.

Where are price hammers/top machines displayed on

• on the homepage of,
in the categories of used machinery pages,
• on the “Preishammer/Top” page under the menu item “Used machines” on the desktop,
• prominently placed and highlighted in the app, and
• on the homepage of the mobile version of

How are highlights such as price hammers or top machines booked?

1. Buy quota

You can buy contingents for “Preishammer” or “Top” offers under the menu item “Advertising“. It is possible to buy these highlights “International” (visible in each country) or “National” (country of the head office). This feature is reserved exclusively for Premium Plus merchants or Premium Gold merchants.

To book a highlight, you must “Buy a quota”. Detailed information on the quota purchase can be found in the article: How do I book highlights as a merchant?

2. Go to menu item Offers

Select the desired machines in the detailed view (overview with picture) by clicking on the field “Book” and confirming with “Book now”.

Tip: If you want to highlight several machines, you can select them in the first step with “Book” and only confirm with “Book Now” at the last machine.

3. Select desired highlighting

On the media page, click on the field “Select” of the desired “Preishammer” option, and then select the desired highlighting in the drop-down box. Save. Done.

How can I book a fixed Preishammer placement on the homepage as a merchant?

Ideal for sales machines, special promotions or even in-house exhibitions. With a fixed placement for 10 days on the homepage, you as a merchant occupy this area exclusively. “Preishammer”/”Top” offers from other merchants will not be issued during this period.

Included in the package
• 12 “Preishammer”,
• Your company logo,
• on request, an individual text about the event, promotion, etc.,
• Link to your website.

Information about the merchant packages can be found here!