As a merchant, how do I book highlights of my ads on

In just four steps to greater sales success! In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to book highlights as a merchant on the website or advertisements in the LANDWIRT, Journal, Fleckvieh, etc.

Step 1: Sign in to the admin area of

Enter the used machine admin with your access data. You have already received the maintenance link with your registration. In order to increase your security, you will also receive a confirmation code by SMS.

Step 2: Buy quota

If you do not have an active quota, buy a quota for the desired medium (e.g. LANDWIRT, Journal, Preishammer, etc.) under the menu item “Advertising” . If the quota is active, please follow the instructions in step 3.

• At the desired medium, click on “Buy quota”,
• Select the desired package in the drop-down field,
• Accept terms and conditions and
• Click “Buy Quota”.

Step 3: Select desired machines

Only machines with pictures can be booked. Proceed as follows:

• Select the detail view (view with picture) in the menu item “Offers” and
• click on the field “Book” next to the desired machine(s).
• Then click on “Book Now”.

Tip: If you have more than one machine, you can select them all at once and conclude the process with “Book Now” with the last machine.

Step 4. Complete the booking

You will be automatically redirected to media selection. Inactive media—if there is no active quota—is shown in light gray.

Now click on the picture of the desired medium (e.g. LANDWIRT or journal or price hammer…) to complete the booking.
• Once the process has been successfully completed, you will automatically be returned to the offer overview and a green icon will appear next to the picture.

How can I check, edit or delete my booking/highlighting on

Machines can also be edited, sorted or deleted under the menu item “Advertising” after successful booking.

Important: Offers can only be edited as long as the output is active (date is in brackets for the respective medium)! Your online offers on will not be changed.

The different editing options are shown in the screenshot below:

How can I generate a preview PDF for posted listings in the Journal?

Would you like to see how your ads are printed in the Journal? No problem, just generate a preview PDF of your machine selection. The preview PDF is only available for the Journal.

“Update Preview” (point 1) and then click PDF to open (point 2)