What interfaces does Landwirt.com offer for data import and export to Technikbörse, Traktorpool, Agriaffaires, Mascus?

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The entry of offers and machines in various used machinery exchanges requires a considerable amount of time for agricultural machinery merchants. Therefore Landwirt.com offers a limited export to the partner exchanges in addition to the import and export of the entire machinery stock.

Simply enter your offers on Landwirt.com and we will export them to the exchanges you want. Currently, Landwirt.com offers the following options:

The EXPORT of machine data from Landwirt.com is possible to the following stock exchanges:

• Technikbörse
• Traktorpool
• Agriaffaires
• Mascus
• Affaretrattore.it
• Agropool
• e-Farm
• die-landmaschinen

IMPORT of offers (incl. merchandise management systems)

• Tec 24
• Standard import (single import for premium merchants from 50 machine offers)
• Carix
• Motiondata
• Sewiga
• Estermann.

Will my imported offers be changed by manual editing on Landwirt.com?

If, for example, the data quality does not meet your expectations due to the import, or if you would like to add further images, you have the option of improving details in the maintenance area of Landwirt.com. In this case, the machine data is no longer overwritten by a new import and the details are retained. If you remove the machines from your “main stock exchange”, they will automatically be removed from our stock.

How and where can I post machine offers for export to other used machine portals?

www.landwirt.com offers the possibility to export your machines to different stock exchanges such as Traktorpool, Technikbörse, Agriaffaires, etc. for direct maintenance. To do this, you can either transmit the entire stock or only individual offers. This function is particularly useful if you have smaller machine quotas on other portals than Landwirt.com.

1 Set up export function
In the used machinery maintenance section of Landwirt.com you will find the menu item “Export overview”. The settings show all active exports for which a limitation is possible. By default, all machines are exported.

Would you like to use the export function? Please contact us!

Under the tab “Export overview”, can define the desired quotas for each exchange.

Select two machines per exchange for export
Once you have selected and saved a limit, you can select the machines you want to export to the respective stock exchange by clicking on “Select offers”. The upper area also shows an overview of the current machine export as well as the set number of machines per exchange. If no export is currently active, you will not see this menu item.

If the export is activated, the selection of the machines per stock exchange is available to you.

This service is only available if you set your machines directly to Landwirt.com.